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Minami Ozaki pages
Zetsuai/Bronze Manga
My attempt to summarize the chapters. (Please help)

A Shrine for Nanjo Koji
Zetsuai: Izumi Takuto & Nanjo Koji
Has summary translation of Zetsuai/Bronze.

Minami Ozaki's doushinji works
Finally, a page devoted to her doushinji series "Possesive Desires"

Monica's Homepage
A lot of her links are devoted to Minami-sensei's works.

On-line Stores
Chinese Online Comics
Great place to order mangas for those who can't get the original versions
Anime Nation
Special orders cd's & mangas

Soundtrack Central
Specializes in video game cd's
Game Music Online
Sonmay Homepage
Taiwan CD company. Makes unlicensed Japanese CD's (order as last resort)

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